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Early Series Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Sax in Excellent Condition - Serial # 090487

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Product ID: 090487Yamaha62Alto


HELP, I Want One!

This is one of the highly sought-after early versions of the Yamaha YAS-62, serial number 090487. This model came out just after the first version, the famous “purple logo.” Except for the stamping, it is otherwise identical, with the same body tube and neck, and the same, long wrap-around keyguard over the low C and C#.


This Yamaha 62 is in fantastic shape, with greater than 97% original lacquer intact. There's no real finish wear of note, even on the touch points, but the sax does show a fair amount of surface scratching from honest use. There are no major dents and no previous resolders, but there are a handful of tiny (the size of a pencil point) pings here and there from regular play, including a couple in the neck which we will remove before shipping. The sax still had all original pads when we received it, so we are in the process of taking the horn apart, cleaning it, and replace any pads starting to age, as well as all factory material.


This alto plays with a big sound, and is overall a warmer sounding instrument than what the 62 is today. It takes your air efficiently without a lot of resistance, and is free blowing from top to bottom. Even blowing through some leaks right now, before we've done our adjustment, you can get an idea as to how free and open this alto responds. We're going to make it even better before we ship! The purple logo Yamaha's get all the attention, but this is a great way to pick up essentially the same horn at a better price, and one that is about as nice of condition as you'll find.