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Early Series Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Sax in Beautiful Original Condition - Serial # 080680

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Product ID: 080680YAS62Alto


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Early YAS-62 in Phenomenal Shape

This is a tremendous early vintage Yamaha YAS-62 alto sax, serial number 080680. This sax features the long wrap-around bottom bow keyguard, the same style as the first 62's. This is basically a purple logo 62 in all but stamping, with the same design throughout. It has spent most of its life in a case, and is in pristine shape.


As you can see in the photos, this alto is in phenomenal shape. There is no major wear to speak of, just very light scratching on the back side of the bell and tube, and no dents or resolders. It looks like perhaps at some time the bell lip was slightly bent at one point, but you've got to look awfully close to see evidence of it. The original neck has never been pulled down, and has just a couple light scratches. Everything about this horn shows that it has been well cared for and never abused or played hard.


Many of the pads have recently been replaced, and the sax ships in excellent regulation, sealing up like a drum. The keywork is crisp under your fingers, and it feels like a new horn. Sonically, this alto plays with a very lively sound, with a warm and colorful tone. This will make for a versatile horn, you can play anything from classical to jazz on this beauty. Ships in its original case.