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Early Series P Mauriat PMXA-67RDK Alto Saxophone - Serial # 261693

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Product ID: 261693PM67RAlto


HELP, I Want One!

LOW Price on a Quality Pro Level P Mauriat

This is an early series P Mauriat PMXA-67R DK finish alto saxophone, serial number 261693. This alto is in the original antique matte finish, with blue abalone key touches and rolled tone holes. The sax shows typical finish wear from normal use, but shows no history of dents or repairs.


Most of the lacquer wear on this alto is on the backside of the bell and tube, where it may rest against the player during play. There is minor finish wear on some key touches, but I see absolutely no dents or any signs of past repair. The pads are starting to show some age, especially in the upper stack, and with our repair shop backed up for months, we've decided to let this one go “as is” at a super low price. It will need some pads and material, and a fresh adjustment, to really get in good playing shape. If you have a favorite tech you've been taking your horns to for years, this will be an easy in-and-out to get it right. Ships with original Super VI neck (also in superb shape) and in its original hard case.