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Early Series CG Conn 6M 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax in Original Silver - Serial # 274976

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This is a fantastic, first series Conn 6M “Naked Lady” engraved alto sax in original silver plate, serial number 274976. This alto looks fantastic and ships in new pads. It has been professionally played and maintained, and ready to bring years of enjoyment to a new owner.


This horn came out of the Conn factory in 1936, just a couple years after the official introduction of the 6M model. It has all the bells and whistles of the early 6M horns: rolled tone holes (all in perfect condition), improved table keys, trill G#, swivel thumbrest, a double socket neck with underslung octave key and microtuner, and of course that iconic lady on the bell. Physically, this alto shows average wear, mostly plating wear on the keys from normal use, but the original matte silver plating on the body is still in tremendous shape throughout. There are no dents or dings, no signs of any previous repair at all.


This alto had some new pads put in recently, but there were still a good number of old pads when we received it. We're going to replace the rest of the old pads, and do a thorough adjustment on the sax, replacing any material not up to our standard and optimizing key heights and spring tensions. We'll set the keys to a medium-open height, with a lighter touch, just as you want on a Conn of this vintage.


This alto plays with a fast and free response, while retaining a lot of color and warmth in its tone. Definitely a more spread sound as you'd expect on a vintage Conn. It takes your air very well and responds lightning fast. It's a fun horn to play, reminiscent of the classic jazz setting of 1930s and 40s America.