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Early Florida 'No USA' Metal Otto Link Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - BP Custom .113

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Product ID: FLLink10BP113Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Outstanding Florida “no USA” vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master mouthpiece for the tenor sax. This piece was stamped a # 10 from the factory, but I don't think it ever actually measured quite so large. It was more recently trued up by Brian Powell, measuring .113” (comparable to an 8*). Much of the original factory plating has worn with time, but physically the piece is still in amazing condition. The original black bite plate has long been protected by patches and is in excellent shape, and there are just very faint, superficial dings here or there around the mouthpiece's body. Powell's work on the facing is great as always. This piece has a good, higher baffle and doesn't play as dark as some Florida Links tend to, though it still has a warm tonal color.