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Early 60s Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax w/ New Pads - Serial # 107383

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Product ID: 107383MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is an excellent condition 1963 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 107383. This tenor looks fantastic with its original American style engraving, and has been recently repadded using original Selmer nickel resonators. It is set up and ready to go.


By all appearances this tenor looks to be original lacquer, the only thing that is a little strange on it is the color of the lacquer. You collectors out there know that early 60's Mark VI's had a slightly darker lacquer, and this horn's color is more reminiscent of a Mark VI that is 2-3 years “newer” than that, more mid-60's-esque. The color is the only strange things about it, because it certainly appears to be the original lacquer. The original hand engraving is perfect, there are no signs of buffing, and even more importantly, it came from the original owner. If I had to guess, I'd say this sax went to Elkhart from Paris in 1963, but for whatever reason, wasn't completed in Elkhart and sold until a couple years later. Thus the discrepancy in color.


The horn looks fantastic; the only real wear of note is some bare spots of lacquer wear on the back side of the body tube, as seen in the photos. The horn shows no serious past dent work or repair, no resolders, and has just a couple tiny chair pings in the bottom bow. The bell flare has never been bent, and the original neck (with matching serial number) has never been pulled down. The neck even has most of the original factory blue paint around the “S” of the octave key!


This tenor was recently fully repadded in another shop, using premium firm leather pads and original Selmer metal resonators. It has been set up well and feels fluid and crisp under your fingers, with a medium spring tension and medium-open key heights. It is sealing perfectly and allows for a whisper to low Bb. Sonically, it is a very open and resonant horn, perhaps a hair on the brighter side, with excellent projection and the ability to punch through a wall. A great horn for the player that needs to get loud without losing its core tone. Ships in its original case.


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