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Early 60s Vintage Buescher 400 post-TH&C Alto Sax - GREAT PRICE - Serial # 390703

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Our Price: $ 950.00

Product ID: 390703Buescher400Alto

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Great deal on an early 60s vintage Buescher 400 alto sax, serial number 390703. This horn shares the same design as the more expensive 400 Top Hat & Cane, at a fraction of the price. It is playing well on a mix of newer and older pads, and is a great option for the player on a budget.


This alto features the bigger bell and bottom bow volume of the 400 TH&C horns, and physically it is very straight. There's some minor dings here or there, but no major past work. Some minor past dent work in the bottom bow and the original neck, but all looks decent now, as seen in the photos. At some point, a previous owner removed the lacquer from the bell, bottom bow, and neck, but the body tube still has original lacquer intact.


The horn is playing on good pads, some are starting to show their age, but the sax is still sealing fairly well. There's some minor leaks, but a full pad job is still aways off. The sax still has a majority of its original gold plated Norton springs, as well as a good number of original Buescher snap-in resonators. What resos have been replaced, have been swapped with seamless metal domes.


This alto has a clean response and good resonance up and down its range. Fat sound in the middle register and it loses no color as you go up into the palm keys. This is a solid little horn that can be had without breaking the bank. Ships in its original hard case.