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Earlier Vintage THE MARTIN TENOR Committee III Tenor Sax - Serial # 163156

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This is an early (1947) vintage Martin Committee III tenor sax, serial number 163156. Often simply called a “The Martin Tenor” model due to the engraving on the bell, this is often cited as the tenor Martin ever produced. It was certainly their most popular, in production for almost 20 years.


This tenor is all original and has never been refinished/relacquered. The current lacquer shows mild moderate wear mostly on the backside of the body tube and on the keys. The lacquer patina has darkened with time; we often see this on horns that spent some time in a hot environment (attic), and it gives the sax a very unique look. The sax has a couple minor dings under some lower body posts, minor past dent work in the bottom bow, but no resolders or previous repairs. The original neck has the matching serial number and is in flawless condition.


A previous owner replaced some pads in the upper stack, but didn't take it nearly far enough. The pads in the bottom stack appear to still be the original factory pads from the mid-40s, and they are in sore need of replacing. We are currently offering this sax in as-is condition at a reduced price, but are happy to do the restoration if you like. Our overhaul would include cleaning and dent work, new pads and material throughout, and pro set up. Would take roughly 8 weeks from time of purchase, should you choose that option.


Obviously on the very old pads, this sax is not playing well in its current condition, but I've probably played 100 of these old Committee tenors, and know that it will be solid once properly restored. They have a big, warm sound, but aren't overly dark playing, and take your air well with a strong and quick response. Whether you have us or your local tech do the work, you can expect it a fine player once complete.