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Demo Pricing! P Mauriat 66RDK Tenor Sax in Dark Matte Finish - Serial # PM1007619

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Product ID: PM1007619PM66RDKTenor


HELP, I Want One!

We are blowing some P Mauriat tenors at excellent prices below the going “new” rate. These are horns that have been used in our store as a demo, taken to a couple trade shows over the last year, but have never been sold or extensively played hard. You might find a stray surface scratch if you look very closely, but no extensive wear and absolutely no dents or dings. Each horn will get a fresh pro set up from the Saxquest repair shop before shipping, and come in perfect adjustment.


This is the PMXT-66RDK tenor sax in the original DK (dark matte) finish, serial number PM1007619. This finish is the original lacquer option offered by P Mauriat. It is a heavy matte finish that is tinted to look like a vintage horn, and while you see other companies offering similar looks, no one does it better. This model also features rolled tone holes, for great pad life, and blue abalone key touches.


Sonically, this P Mauriat plays with a definite darker sound. It takes your air comfortably with just the right amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. Despite having darker tone, it never feels stuffy or dull, and generates plenty of volume when pushed. A great jazz horn. Ships in its original case.