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Dark Matte Finish Pro Model P Mauriat Bari Sax to Low A - Serial # BC12969

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Product ID: BC12969PMauriatBari


HELP, I Want One!

This is an absolutely beautiful condition P Mauriat first series bari sax, serial number BC12969. One of the first bari models introduced by P Mauriat, this sax predates the current 300/301/302 series, though it looks very similar to a PMB-300DK, with the dark matte finish. The horn is in tremendous shape and available for an awesome price.


As you can see in the photos, this bari shows only light scratching and cosmetic wear. There is no major lacquer wear to speak of, and absolutely no dents or dings anywhere. The horn has only been lightly played in its life and spent much of its time in its case. Pads are still in great shape with lots of life left in them. The sax will get a fresh cleaning and adjustment from the Saxquest repair shop before shipping, where we'll replace all of the corks and felts, the neck cork, and any pads that don't meet our standards. It will ship out in perfect playing shape.


This bari plays with a big sound especially down in the bell keys. With keywork down to low A, it really fills up a room down in the bottom! Finding a modern pro bari for under $4500, especially one in as good of condition as this (hasn't been beat around) is practically unheard of. It ships in its original hard case.