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D. Bonade Hard Rubber Mouthpiece For Bb Clarinet - 0.045

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Product ID: bonadeHRclarpiece045


HELP, I Want One!

Dark Focused Tone

Here is a D. Bonade "Qualite Superieure" hard rubber mouthpiece for Bb clarinet with a tip measurement of 0.045"/1.14mm. This mouthpiece plays nicely with a dark subdued quality to it, the chamber features flat side walls that move outward from the window to gain space for a deeper character. With a notably small tip opening like this one can expect precise control over small dynamics. Physically this piece has taken on only a light layer of oxidation, a slight indentation on the beak from teeth markings, and Players looking to blend in a section, as well as those who would like to reface the piece to a larger tip opening for more volume would be interested in this piece.

This piece ships with the ligature pictured.