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Custom Silver Restored Martin Handcraft Committee 'Skyline' Alto Sax - Serial # 124687

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Product ID: 124687MartinAlto

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1938 Vintage Martin Handcraft Committee alto sax in perfect silver plate, serial number 124687. Often called the Martin “Skyline” horns due to the unique engraving on the bell, these horns have longtime fans in the saxophone community. This example is a recently restored example with all new heavy silver plating, and looks gorgeous.


This is perhaps the best aftermarket silver plating job I've ever seen. The engraving is perfect, crisp and defined throughout, with no signs of buffing. The original finish (most likely lacquer) was obviously chemically removed, so as to not take metal off the horn. The sax was then silver plated, and the result is breathtaking. A stunning example top to bottom. The restoration was completed using leather pads and seamless, metal resonators, slightly domed. The action is quick and effortless under your fingers, and the sax will get a final look-over in our repair shop before shipping, where we'll make sure it is properly sealing and good-to-go for the long haul.


These vintage Martins often have a very big and open sound, and while this horn does generate plenty of volume, I got a lot of dusky harmonics in the sound too. The silver plating seems to really warm up its tone. Great horn that will turn heads, with super cool engraving and a dynamic sound that grabs your attention.