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Cork Grease by Odd Bird Farm - .5oz Tin

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Our New Favorite Cork Grease
Odd Bird Farm Cork Grease for woodwind instruments.
The cork grease is made from leaf lard, beeswax local to Missouri and orange oil. This grease is less gooey then the standard cork greases. The stylish tins also contain a little over 3 times the amount of the standard chap-stick tube. 
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Odd Bird Farm sources its grease from Meishan pigs locally in Missouri.
Meishan pigs are among the oldest and rarest breeds still around. Originally from China, they were traditionally raised on far less grain than the breeds we have in the United States. This adaptation allows us to replace the majority of grain one would normally feed a pig which significantly improves the carbon/chemical footprint of raising pigs. Aside from what they eat on pasture we source byproducts from local producers like: wheat middlings and spent brewers grain. Much of it is organic, all is non GMO. Meishans were originally raised as much for their fat as they were meat. Their natural genetic disposition, in combination with the limited grain feed, produces fat that is naturally firmer, waxier, and more shelf stable. The classic recipe we use for cork grease is simply lard, beeswax, and some essential oils for fragrance.
Please feel free to check out there website to learn more about Odd Bird Farm.