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COOL! Late Vintage Selmer Paris Radio Improved Tenor Sax - Serial # 20125

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Product ID: 20125SelmerTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a cool, 1935 vintage Selmer Paris Radio Improved series tenor sax, serial number 20125. This is one of the latest Radio Improved horns I've ever seen, released after the official introduction of the Selmer Balanced Action model. It is an old relacquer, and has that neat “played in” look to it. I'm a big fan of these pre-BA model Selmers, and this one does not disappoint.


The photos tell the tale on this tenor. It looks to be an old relac, with not a whole lot of that “newer” lacquer remaining. Still, it hasn't been beat around too bad, and is solid physically. The original metal thumbrest was removed at some point and replaced with a modern swivel plastic thumbrest (much more comfortable), and the neckstrap ring also relocated a bit further down the tube, for increased comfort during play. The neck shows some past history of dent work, probably pulled down at some point is my guess, but otherwise I don't see a lot of previous repairs on this tenor. It is currently in solid shape and ready to go.


Pads are all in very good shape, fitted with metal Noyek waffle style resonators. The horn is sealing well, and will get a pro adjustment from our repair shop before shipping. We'll make sure everything is in proper regulation and optimize the key heights up and down.


This tenor plays with a very open presence and takes your air very quickly. While it has the same Selmer core, it definitely is more spread than the more modern Selmer tenors, while keeping a level of warmth and color that you'd expect from a Selmer Paris. It's a fun horn to play. Ships in an old vintage Selmer case, with cloth case cover. The case took a hit at some point and is pushed in on one side, but the interior of the case is solid and protective for the tenor.