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Conn Transitional Chu/6M Alto Sax in Original Nickel Plate - Serial # 249299

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Product ID: 249299ConnAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a neat C.G. Conn transitional “Chu Berry” series alto sax in original nickel plate, serial number 249299. Nickel was an option by the Conn factory for a long time, but it must not have been a very popular choice at the time, as you don't see too many of these. I've always liked the way they played though, and this alto is no exception.


Physically the horn is straight, with no dents or signs of past trauma. It is missing the keyguard around the backside forked Eb key, but otherwise is complete. The rolled tone holes are all in tremendous shape and have never been filed on. The original nickel plating is about 90% intact, with wear on the usual touch points, but otherwise just surface scratching from normal use. The original neck has the double socket receiver, underslung octave key, and microtuner mechanism. While the table keys are reminiscent of a Chu, the sax does have the same side bell keys of a 6M.


Pads are in solid shape, matched with brown nylon resonators, and the sax will get a final adjustment in our repair shop before shipping. We'll clean the horn out well, replace any material not up to par, and adjust out the key heights and spring tensions for optimal feel and response.


This Conn is definitely a brighter, edgier sounding alto that you might expect if you're more familiar with their silver horns. It plays with a big sound, tons of power and edge. It cuts extremely well and punches you in the face. A cool horn.