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Classic Selmer Bundy Entry Level Bass Clarinet at a LOW PRICE - Serial # 28512

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Product ID: 28512BundyBass


HELP, I Want One!

This is a classic Selmer Bundy model bass clarinet with keywork to low Eb, serial number 28512. Currently playing on old pads, we are offering this bass “as is” at a super low price, but we are willing to properly restore if you'd like it in perfect playing shape.


The Selmer Bundy has long been a respected name for beginner players, but this bass clarinet is a solid instrument for any clarinetist needing a dependable horn without breaking the bank. Its durable resonite body won't crack, and the keywork is all fully functional and in perfect working order. Pads are old though, and the instrument will definitely need a repad if you plan on doing anything more than just noodling around on it. If you have a preferred tech who you'd like to do the work, you can purchase it “as is” and reap the savings. We can do the work too if you like, just select from the options above. Our full overhaul would include disassembly and cleaning, all new pads and material, and precise key fitting and regulation. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the work from time of purchase.


This instrument ships complete with original neck, bell, and floor peg, all in its original case.