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CG Conn New Wonder BASS Saxophone in Original Silver Plate SN 85922

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The Beast of the Saxophone Family - The Bass Saxophone
Here we have the beast of the saxophone family, the Great Bass Saxophone! This is a CG Conn New Wonder bass sax that dates to 1922. It has 95+% of the original silver plate still intact with Gold wash inside the bell. Overall, the instrument is in remarkable condition for its age but does show its age in a few places. There are some dents on the players side of the bottom bow and a few dents up the body tube. The octave keys posts are pushed in a bit. The low Eb key guard has been re-soldered and is missing the middle leg. As far as bass saxes go, this is all pretty minor stuff.
The upper crook is dent free. The bell flare is excellent and has never been pulled down. The neck receiver and first crook are also nearly perfect. The neck has a few dings but has never been chopped and is straight. The tone holes have never been filed and are all in decent condition and seem to be sealing well. The X-brace has never been pushed into the body or bell. The bottom bow brace is original and in excellent condition. The instrument does not have a case.
The instrument plays on older pads but ultimately needs a repad to be in good enough shape to play gigs on. We've had this instrument now for 6 months with the intention of overhauling it. However, our shop is just so far behind with customer work that we just can't seem to get to it. Because it at least plays a bit on the existing pads (well enough to squeeze out a low Bb), we decided to let it go "as is" for a reduced price. You can go to our web site to see a video of Ben Reece play-testing this instrument. Put $1000 into it or do the work yourself and you have yourself a $7000-$8000 bass sax.