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Carlsbad Vintage Brilhart Hard Rubber Personaline S6 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece .078

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Product ID: 163733BrilPersHRS6Ten

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This is a very nice 1950s Carlsbad vintage Arnold Brilhart Personaline hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor sax, serial number 163733.  The mouthpiece is in very nice original condition and includes a Brilhart mouthpiece cap and Brilhart inverted 2-screw ligature.  There is some very minimal play wear on the outer body with a noticeable scratch on the shank. The beak has very light tooth scrapes but no grooves or gouges. There is the tiniest ding near one edge of the tip, but it doesn't contact the tip rail or reed contact surface at all.  
The facing profile of the piece is nice and pristine regarding the table, tip and side rails with a tip opening of .078”/1.98mm. Paired with a thick-tipped reed, this piece plays with an easy responsive warm sonic character from top to bottom. The timbre is lush with lots of low and mid-range harmonics.