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Cannonball Big Bell Global Series Silver Plated Soprano Saxophone, Serial 112621

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Product ID: 112621CannonSop


HELP, I Want One!

Silver Plated Cannonball Soprano – High F#&G
This is a very nice playing Cannonball Big Bell Global Series soprano sax in silver plate, serial number 112621.  It is in great physical condition and has no history of major repair in the past. Both the straight and bent neck are also with the sax and in good shape. The soprano features comfortable modern key work for low Bb to high G. 
The sax came into our shop playing nicely on all the original pads.  We will go through the sax in our shop before shipping to ensure it is still sealing up perfectly before shipping. Our set-up will include cleaning it up and making sure all the pads are properly seated as well as optimizing key heights and replacing any needed materials. 
This soprano takes the air in easy and is a pretty fun horn to play. The sound speaks clearly with a good blend of openness and positive resistance allowing for plenty of control. Its key work is smooth and fluid under the fingers. A horn like this is ideal for a pro or serious student looking to get into a soprano for a good price. 
Ships out in perfect playing condition with both necks and the original hard case and case cover with strap.