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Buffet Senzo in Silver Plate Finish - Very Lightly Played, Serial #41513

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Product ID: 41513BuffetSenzo


HELP, I Want One!

Buffet Senzo Red Brass Pro Alto In Silver Plate

This is a very nice silver plated Buffet Senzo alto saxophone, serial number 41513.

The SENZO is an exquisite display of French craftsmanship.  It showcases a copper body tube and neck with gold lacquer keys and key guards. The design also features a BC “resonance cavity” on the back of the neck, high F# key, improved left hand cluster design for the bell keys and adjustable palm keys. This model features silver plating over the copper body for a more traditional look. The SENZO was designed to meet the needs of a player looking for meticulous control over intonation. It has a rich resonating color with an extremely strong focus at its core. The highly efficient key work allows for a maximum level of facility while it also provides a high level of ease and comfort.
The SENZO keywork is manufactured at Keilwerth in Germany. The keywork is similar to the CX90 in regard to the pivoting B/Bb table mechanism which was inspired by the Buffet S1 and S3 Prestige saxophones. The assembly, full key fitting, padding and precise adjustment is also done in Germany on the JK Production line. The assembly process is highly scrutinized from the precision of each tone hole and pad cup to the fitting of every post and key. Having highly skilled workers already in place at Keilwerth makes this an ideal situation.
This particular Senzo is in tremendous condition. It has never been owned or received extensive play time. It has been played a small number of times on the sales floor of our shop as well as one instrument exposition. There is no major wear on the horn and it has received absolutely no repair. The body, neck, key work and pads are all in fantastic original condition. 
Before shipping the saxophone will receive a fresh professional set up from our shop. The set-up includes a dissemble and precise regulation of the key work. This saxophone ships in perfect playing condition with the original case and accessories. Pick this one up at a huge discount!