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Buffet Crampon Paris France S1 Bb Clarinet, Serial #138080

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Product ID: 138080BuffetS1Bb


HELP, I Want One!

Fresh Professional Re-Pad
This is a nice Buffet S1 Bb clarinet #138080. These clarinets were manufactured between 1970-85 and have the bore design similar to that of the early buffet clarinet, pre-R13. This horn does have a more focused sound than the R13’s. It really sings in the upper registers. It also has good control at all dynamic levels. This instrument has nickel keys that still look nice and only have a little wear on the lower joint. The bore is also in good condition. 
This instrument was just re-padded and set-up in our repair shop and is a great deal for anyone looking to get a professional clarinet under $2000. The clarinet is set-up with cork and Valentino pads. It also has all new corks and felt work. This clarinet is ideal for those looking to double or play in the symphonic band setting. The pro
This is a unique clarinet that many people do not get a chance to play. It ships in perfect playing condition with our professional set-up and case.