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Buffet Crampon Paris France R13 Eb Clarinet, Serial #86330

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Product ID: 86330BuffetR13Eb


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Buffet R13 Eb Clarinet
This is a fabulous Buffet R13 Eb clarinet, serial number 86330. The last owner of the clarinet put quite a bit of play time on it while taking very good care of it. The body shows honest play wear but it has never received past crack repairs. It is currently in need of a re-pad and some general servicing. As such it is currently in our shop awaiting a professional overhaul. This clarinet includes the original bell and 42.5mm barrel which are also both in excellent condition. 
 The clarinet is currently in line in our shop to be fully serviced and re-padded. The work will include a dissemble, cleaning, oiling of the body and a very precise set-up with all new pads, corks and felts. Once the work is done we will update the pictures and description. Please let us know if you have any questions in  the meantime.