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Budget Players Horn - Schenkelaars Soprano Saxophone, Serial #92034

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Our Price: $ 1,295.00

Product ID: 92034SchenkelaarsSop

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Schenkelaars Soprano

This is a great budget buy for anyone looking for a soprano, Schenkelaars gold lacquer soprano, serial number 92034. The Schenkelaars saxophones are a fairly rare item and there is not a lot of clear cut information out there about them. It shows similar construction to many some other vintage German instruments such as Couf. That being said if you are looking for a decent playing soprano with a lower price tag this one can be had at a great price.


The instrument is not the prettiest horn around but is in excellent physical condition. Looking it over there is all of your standard cosmetic character such as scratches etc. But there is no history of major past repair or re-solders. The body tube, neck area and bell are in solid condition. The nickel key work does show some wear along the major touch points.


The Schenkelaars has a comfortable feel under the fingers and produces a strong brilliant sonic color. Projection is also excellent. This soprano was overhauled in another shop a few years ago and is still playing nicely. It could probably stand a few adjustments before it could be considered in perfect playing condition but we are going to sell it as is in order to keep the price down.


Ships in as is condition with a wood hard case.