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Bronze Series Yanagisawa S-992 Soprano Sax - Serial # 00235019

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Product ID: 00235019Yani992Soprano

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Premium Straight Soprano w/ 2 Necks, High G

This is a beautiful condition, bronze series Yanagisawa S-992 soprano sax, serial number 00235019. This model features a high bronze content body tube, with keywork to high G and detachable straight and curved necks. This is a top-of-the-line professional soprano, designed for the most discerning of players. This specimen is in fantastic shape, and priced for at a bargain price for where they sell for when new.


As you can see in the photos, there's a lot to like about this soprano. There is no major lacquer or finish wear to speak of, and only light wear on the left thumb octave rest. The sax shows no previous repairs at all. A couple tiny pings in the bottom bow are about the only evidence this sax has been played much at all. Even the pads are still in pristine shape.


This is one of the most comfortable sopranos under your fingers. The keywork is truly effortless and fluid throughout the range of the instrument. Sonically, it plays with a sweet, rich tone, and you can feel the vibrancy of the bronze under your fingers. A very warm and colorful sounding soprano. It has a pure, singing quality to its tone, as seen in the new video below featuring Jeffrey Collins. This instrument is ideal for concert band and the quartet setting, but it can get plenty loud with the right mouthpiece, and you'd have no problem projecting in a jazz setting either. A really great all-around horn for the serious professional saxophonist. Comes in its original case.