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Brilliant Player! Vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone, Serial #50432

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Awesome! Vintage 1952 SBA Tenor Sax
This is a very serious player. Vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 50432. Easily one of the most intense playing tenors we have had in the shop in quite some time. This tenor takes in the air quick and does not have any negative resistance. It is ultra free blowing and can be pushed hard regarding while always maintaining a crystal clear center to its sound. In comparison to most other SBA's from the period this one is noticeably brighter. Projection is incredible on this tenor. The key work on the SBA is smooth and fluid under the fingers. All of the pearls still have a nice clean and crisp feel about them they do not have the worn down “flat” feel that a lot of old vintage saxophones have. 
The body of the tenor is in great shape and shows off a nice dark lacquer finish and clear floral engraving. It does include the original neck with matching serial number stamp. The body tube, bell, bow and original neck are all in very nice physical condition. This tenor was re-finished at some point in the past. The re-lacquering work is some of the best you will see and shows off a dark honey hue and very clear engraving. All of the lower bell key guards and guard feet are in great shape and have no history of re-solder. There is a small wear area on the bow cap but the bow itself is in great shape and has never been seriously pushed in or damaged. There is currently a few smaller dings on the horn that will be removed in the Saxquest shop.
This tenor came into our shop on a super old set of pads. As such it is currently awaiting a professional overhaul. Once complete it will have all new Valentino leather pads, metal resonators, new corks, felts and a key regulation with precise key fitting. The work will also include taking out the small dings. This saxophones original neck has an after market pick-up on it which we are going to remove. The pick-up will be removed and repaired the proper way with a silver flush plug. 
We got a quick video of Austin playing this tenor before it got put in the line for its overhual. The horn is currently pretty leaky as it sits but it still shows so much potential. We will be very excited to post new photos and video content once the work is complete.