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Breathtaking Original Silver Conn New Wonder C Melody Sax - Serial # 119028

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This is a beautiful condition 1923 vintage CG Conn New Wonder series C Melody saxophone, serial number 119028. Conn is known for making some of the best C Melody horns ever produced, and this one is in tremendous shape.


A C Melody is basically a smaller tenor, and is in the key of C instead of Bb. While not in production by anyone anymore, they were very popular horns in the early 20th century. This particular example is in outstanding condition. The original silver plate is 99% intact, showing tarnish but very little finish wear. There are also no dents, dings, or previous repairs anywhere on this sax. The original “alto style” neck is also pristine, and the microtuner mechanism spins freely. The sax does feature rolled tone holes, which have never been filed on.


Pads on this sax are starting to get up there in years, but they aren't done yet. Fitted with metal domed resonators, the sax is sealing very well until you get down into low B/Bb, where it is just a bit leaky. It is certainly close enough that you can take it out on a gig, and the action feels good under your fingers.


This C Melody plays with a rich, full tone and is a hair brighter on the sound spectrum. It takes your air very quickly and responds fast. Ideally, you'll want to match it with a C Melody sax mouthpiece, but some very short shank tenor pieces will still work. Ships in its original hard case.