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BREATHTAKING! Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Serial # 116939

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Product ID: 116939MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax
This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 116939. The instrument is a near pristine example of an original Mark VI with over 98% of the original lacquer intact. It has been mechanically overhauled in the Saxquest repair shop by Derick Tramel and is now in perfect playing condition. 
As many years as I've been in this business, I still get a rush when I see a Mark VI in this kind of condition. The lacquer is as good as you'll find, with finish wear only on the usual touch points. There is no major lacquer wear on the bell or up the back of the tube. The body of the sax shows no history of major past repair and does not show signs of dent work. Looking over the saxophone very carefully there has been a single solder repair performed to the front F key. This repair was done professionally and is very hard to spot if you are not looking closely. The key pearl was also replaced with a modern pearl replacement during the time of this repair. 
This alto has our full overhaul in it, with all new premium firm leather pads and original style brown nylon resonators. It has been set up ideally for a Mark VI of this vintage, with a medium spring tension and medium-open key heights. The action is smooth and buttery under your fingers; it truly feels like a new horn.
A horn can look great and all, but obviously these saxes are made to be played, and thankfully it plays great too. It has a smooth and free response, without a lot of back pressure, just a bit of resistance to push against. Very fat tone, with good focus and clarity of voice. Projection is great and the horn really cuts up in the palm keys and altissimo. A very lively horn. Ships in its original gray zippered case.