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Breathtaking Original Lacquer Buescher Aristocrat Big B Alto Sax - Serial # 295883

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Our Price: $ 950.00

Product ID: 295883BigBAlto

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Buescher Big B

Sweet original lacquer Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” engraved alto sax, serial number 295883. This alto looks incredible with 98%+ original lacquer intact. It has spent nearly all of its life languishing in a case (it still has most of the original pads!). It is ready to be repadded and finally get some playing time on it!


As you can see in the photos. No dents or dings, no resoldered joints, and only minimal lacquer wear on a couple touch points. The original “01” neck is perfect. The sax retains all of its original hardware: original Buescher metal snaps, gold plated Norton springs, and amber rollers. Complete from top to bottom. Obviously the old pads are well past end of life, and will need to be replaced. You have the option here of picking the sax up as-is and having your tech do the work, or we can do it for a flat $950. Please allow 8 weeks if you opt to have us perform the overhaul.


Once repadded, this will be a sweet playing horn. I've never played a Big B and be disappointed. These saxes have a lush bottom end, tons of resonance, and take your air quickly.