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Berg Larsen Mouthpiece for Baritone Sax Hard Rubber 90/1 M – Bullet Chamber

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Product ID: BergHR90o1MBari411


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Berg Larsen HR for Bari – Includes Ligature and Cap
This is a very nice Berg Larsen 90/1 M hard rubber mouthpiece for baritone saxophone. The mouthpiece is in excellent condition and does include the ligature and cap. This particular mouthpiece has seen almost no play time in the past. The facing profile is in pristine condition regarding the table, tip and side rails. 
The Berg features a medium open throat with a bullet chamber and a rolled baffle. Its over 1 baffle slope allows for a bright and powerful sound with out being shrill. This is a nice versatile piece for baritone for the straight ahead jazz player. It also has enough power to function nicely in funk and pop music. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .090”.