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Berg Larsen Hard Rubber 110 Over 0 M Worked on by MOJO

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Product ID: BergMojo110o0TenSL


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Mojo Custom Berg Larsen for Tenor
This is an older hard rubber Berg Larsen 110/0 M mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The mouthpiece is in very good physical condition showing typical character for a use hard rubber piece. Its beak, body and shank are all in great shape. The profile of the table, tip and side rails is also in very good condition. 
The tip opening on the piece measures .108”. Mouthpiece tech Mojo did some work to touch up the facing profile. This piece now features a longer rolled baffle that slopes into the bullet chamber shape in more subtle fashion. As a player this piece is very smooth in response. It still has plenty of power and projection but is not as harsh as a normal over 0 Berg. This is very balanced and flexible mouthpiece.