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Belmonte Straight Soprano Sax in Gold Lacquer – High F#, Serial #933170

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Product ID: 933170BelmonteSop


HELP, I Want One!

Belmonte Soprano
This is a used Belmonte straight soprano sax in gold lacquer, serial number 933170. This is a great item if you are looking for a starter soprano or something to have on stand by around the house. It has seen some play time in the past but is in very good condition overall. It does feature key work to high F#. 
The key work on the soprano does show some similarities to the Selmer Mark VI. Specifiably regarding the palm key cluster and the adjustment arm on the low C# key cup. This soprano has a nice clear responsive sound and takes the air in easy. Right now it is playing decently through some leaks all the way down to low Bb. It would benefit from some service work but we are selling it in as is condition in order to keep the price at a premium. 
If you are looking for your first soprano or a back up the Belmonte is a nice little horn and can be had at a low price. 
Ships with hard case.