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Beautiful Yamaha YSS-675 Gold Lacquer Soprano Saxophone, Serial # 0829

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Product ID: 0829YSS675Sop


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Yamaha YSS-675 Soprano
This is a very pretty Yamaha 675 soprano saxophone, serial number 0829. The soprano is in tremendous condition and looks like it was very well looked after by the last owner. There is absolutely no history of past repair. Other than a few cosmetic blemishes here and there the sax is in immaculate condition. 
These 675 are highly versatile sopranos and play with an ultra clear response. This one in particular has a crisp clarity in the way it plays. To my ear this particular 675 seems to be more brilliant in comparison to the modern 875 EX model but it does still have the tight consistency you look for in a Yamaha. 
This soprano looks like it has never seen any major play time and has most likely never been serviced. It is currently playing pretty nicely on the original factory pads and materials. As the soprano is pushing 30 years old it is currently awaiting a professional set-up in out shop. The set-up will include a fine regulation of all the key work and replacement of any needed pads and key materials. 
This soprano ships out in perfect playing condition with wood hard case and both straight and curved necks.