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Beautiful Vintage Silver Plated Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone, Serial #265777

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Product ID: 265777BuescherAristAlt


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Overhauled by Mark Aronson
This is a vintage Buescher “New Aristocrat” alto sax in silver plate, serial number 265777. The last owner of the alto put a lot of love into this instrument. It was re-silver plated and re-engraved. It now shows off a beautiful look. The alto was also overhauled this last March in Mark Aronson's shop. Mark re-padded the saxophone with black treated pads and also made a few modifications. Specificity the thumb rest below the octave key and a larger adjustable thumb rest was added in the right hand. These horns, for their time were considered to be very sweet and focused playing instruments. They are also fairly free blowing in comparison to many of the horns made today. This one in particular has a rich and colorful sound with ample projection and power. The silver plated finish does an excellent job of amplifying the naturally lush sonic character of this alto. 
Since the restoration of this saxophone it has been very carefully cared for and does not show any history of damage or abuse. The body tube, bow and bow cap are all in excellent condition as is the original neck. Its gold wash around the inner bell flare is nice and striking and the engraving is ultra crisp. The vintage Buescher New Aristocrat model features a back door Eb key, trill G#, Front F and an improved left hand table key cluster to operate the bell keys. 
This is a great horn to pick up if you are looking for a beautiful example of a New Aristocrat. It is still playing on Mark Aronoson's overhaul. In order to keep the price at a premium we will not be doing any set-up work to this instrument. Ships out with contoured protec XL case and Bueshcer hard rubber mouthpiece.