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Beautiful! Vintage Buescher True Tone Original Gold Plated Alto Sax, Serial #183264 - Restored!

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Buescher Gold Plated True Tone Alto – 1925
This is a gorgeous vintage Buescher True Tone alto sax in original gold plated finish, serial number 183264. It was recently re-furbished and polished it up in our shop. It is now ready for playing and a brand new home. 
This saxophone is in exquisite physical condition from top to bottom. The body is pristine showing off gold and satin gold plating. Its floral engraving and Buescher insignia is also quite catching as well. The body tube, bow, bell, original neck and bell flare are all in pristine original condition. The neck shows the 1 stamp. The bell flare and the bow of the saxophone are in premium original condition. The one and only solder fix on this saxophone is located on the bridge key guard between the back door vent key and low B. This re-solder is super clean and is hard to see if you are not looking very closely. 
The professional overhaul of this saxophone included a complete dissemble, clean & polish followed by precise key fitting and replacement of all pads, corks and felts. The sax is now outfitted a new set of premium leather pads. This saxophone overhaul showcases the use of the original gold plated snap resonators on all of the keys except the palm keys. In the palm keys we used same vintage (but non gold plated) snap resonators. The sax was with out the original GP resonators in the palm keys when it came into our shop. 
The immaculate condition of this instrument makes it an ideal choice for the avid collector of American vintage instruments. Finding pristine example of a gold plate True Tone from the 1920's is becoming more and more difficult all the time. This saxophone is ultra free blowing and produces a rich timbre with lots of personality and color. Compared to the modern professional saxophones the Bueschers have a few more corks about them regarding general control and intonation but not too shaby for an instrument that is now 95 years old. 
Instrument ships with a wood box hard case.