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Beautiful Silver Plated C.G. Conn New Wonder I – Satin and Burnished Silver, Serial #65962

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Vintage Conn New Wonder 1921
This is a very pretty Conn New Wonder tenor saxophone in burnished and satin silver plate, serial number 65962. The physical body of the tenor is in outstanding condition. The original silver is in outstanding shape with minimal wear, even on the touch points. The body shows no signs of major repair on its current finish. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in excellent shape. These horns feature rolled tone hole construction, key work from low Bb to high front F, trill G# and a back door Eb key. 
Even though this is a early vintage Conn it still performs with a smooth free blowing response while putting out a robust and powerful voice. It came into Saxquest playing decently on a slightly older pad job from another shop. This would be a nice horn if you are looking to add an early Conn into your collection that is in good playable condition. However if you are going to be doing a lot of serious playing on it the saxophone would greatly benefit from some general service work first. 
It is exciting to find an early Conn in such good working condition. Typically we see these horns and they are completely totaled. Because of the rare nature of this early vintage tenor it is most ideal as a collectors piece. It is not necessarily advisable for someone looking for a horn for professional use and is not recommended for use by student saxophone players. 
This saxophone ships out in as is condition with a Conn vintage hard wood box case.