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BEAUTIFUL Original 'The Martin Tenor' Sax with New Pads - Serial # 204379

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Product ID: 204379MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a gorgeous original lacquer THE MARTIN TENOR sax, serial number 204379. As far as looks go, this is a top 10 that we've ever seen on this model. The original lacquer is 98%, and the horn has all new pads, to set you up for a long time to come.


There's nothing not to like about this tenor. Outside of a couple tiny pings here and there, there are no dents to speak of, no previous repairs at all. It honestly looks like it has spent most of its life in its case. It is time this horn got out and got played! It was repadded in another shop, using firm leather pads and flat metal resonators, and adjusted with pretty open key heights and a light touch.


A lot of times, Martins don't get the recognition they are due. This tenor is a fine player, with a big and powerful voice, and lots of color and depth in its tone. It takes all of the air you can push through it, without ever feeling like you are hitting a wall. This horn ships complete with original neck (matching serial number), original metal endplug, and original case. The case has some tape holding on the leather trim at the edges, but is still in perfect working order.