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Beautiful Original Silver Plated CG Conn 6M VIII Stamped Alto Sax - Serial # 300876

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Product ID: 300876Conn6M

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This is a very straight original silver plated CG Conn 6M “naked lady” engraved alto sax, serial number 300876. This sax has a lot going for it: it is original silver plate (which is rare on a 6M), and it has the VIII stamping on the body and original neck. The VIII horns always seem to be a notch above the others in terms of playability, and this one example is no exception.


The original silver plating on this horn is in solid shape for the most part, though it does have moderate wear on some of the keys, as seen in the photos. There is little plating wear on the body itself, including the original gold wash inside the bell. There's also no major past dent work that I can see. The original double socket neck (with underslung octave key and microtuner mechanism) has been beat around just a bit, but past dings have been taken out, and it has never been pulled down.


This sax has all the bells and whistles of a true 6M: rolled tone holes, trill G#, and improved table mechanism over the previous model. The neckstrap ring has been relocated just down the tube a bit, as you often see (and want, honestly) on a vintage Conn, for a more comfortable position during play. This alto was repadded recently using firm leather pads and oversized flat metal resonators. The pads have settled out just a bit, but the sax is still playing well with just a couple minor leaks. Optimally, it could use some minor adjustment, but with our repair shop backed up for months, we've decided to sell it as-is at a lower price.


This alto plays with a lot of color and warmth, without sacrificing resonance. When you push a lot of air through the horn, you can really feel it come alive under your fingers. Big, bold sound that oozes warmth. The quintessential traditional jazz alto, it will not disappoint.