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Beautiful Original Lacquer THE MARTIN TENOR Saxophone - Serial # 192210

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Product ID: 192210MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is an extremely nice condition Martin Committee III “The Martin Tenor” sax, serial number 192210. This tenor looks about as clean as any vintage Martin out there, and has obviously not seen a ton of playing time in its life. We are currently offering it as-is on old pads, but with the option to add the restoration if you desire.


As you can see in the photos, this tenor is very clean and straight from top to bottom. The factory original lacquer is beautiful and still in the 92-93% range. There's one wear spot on the bell (see photos) but otherwise only minor wear on the usual touch points. The sax has a couple tiny pings around the bottom bow, from bumping up against a chair or stand, but no major dents or previous repair. The original neck tenon has been resoldered, but done expertly well, showing only lacquer loss from the work. It does show the matching serial number, and has never been pulled down/bent.


The previous owner limped this sax along, replacing pads as needed. As such, it has a mismatch of pads/resonators, and doesn't appear to have ever been fully overhauled (still has some original pads here and there). With our shop backed up for months, we've decided to offer this tenor as-is at a super low price, but would love to do the restoration at a greatly reduced price, if you wish. Our overhaul would include all new pads and material, the minor dent work in the bottom as previously noted, and adjustment. Please allow 8 weeks from time of purchase if you opt to have us do the job.


Currently playing through some leaks on the old pads, this tenor isn't exactly “gig ready” as it sits, but should be a very straight forward overhaul, as it has never been abused and is physically very nice. Ships in a Gator gig case.