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Beautiful Original Lacquer Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #30216

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Product ID: 30216ABuffetS1Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Includes Saxquest Overhaul
This is a gorgeous vintage Buffet S1 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 30216. The S1 was a made specifically with the classical player in mind. They play with a dark and centered core sound and are extremely precise regarding pitch. If you are looking for a darker playing sax with a lot of precision and control the S1 is perfect. 
The former owner of the alto played it with extreme care. There is a little bit of honest play wear but the sax does not show any history of major repair. The body tube, bow, bow cap bell and bell flare are all in extremely nice original condition. Its original neck is also in tremendous condition and has never been pulled down.  
The S1 has a very unique and highly ergonomic key system. Its big showcase is having no roller low C and Eb table keys. It also has a double split mechanism on the low Bb key to make the low note transition smoother. This particular S1 is keyed up to high F#. This alto came into our shop on all the original pads. The pads are well passed their prime so the alto is currently awaiting a complete overhaul in our shop. The Saxquest professional overhaul will include a dissemble and cleaning of the instrument followed by regulation and precise fitting of all the key work. Once complete it will feature a brand new set of leather Valentino pads, resonators, corks and felts. 
Do not miss out on a gorgeous alto with a beautiful dark sound. This alto ships in perfect playing condition with the original Buffet box hard case.