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Beautiful Original Lacquer 1963 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax - Serial # 105939

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Product ID: 105939MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very pretty 1963 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 105939. This tenor has it all: gorgeous original lacquer, a recent pad job, and it will ship with a fresh pro set up from our repair shop. It's a fantastic horn with a sound to match its killer looks.


This tenor is an American engraved model, and features the classic air bake cellulose lacquer from this error, which has aged to a beautiful darker patina. The original lacquer on this tenor is over 90% intact. The “front” of the horn shows very little lacquer wear, mostly just on the touch points. The back shows more wear, mostly where the sax would rest against the player during play. There's a couple minor past repairs, but no serious past damage. The bell flare was slightly bent, there's a few minor dings near the bottom of the body tube and bow, and the bow was previously soldered to the tube, showing light lacquer loss from the work. The original neck does have the matching serial number, and still has most of the original factory paint around the “S” of the octave key. The neck was previously very slightly pulled down, but this has been corrected.


This tenor was repadded recently, just before coming to us, and has all new pads matched with original style brown nylon resonators. The horn is currently in our repair shop getting a fresh cleaning and our full, pro set up. We'll replace any material not up to our standards, even out the spring tensions up and down, and adjust key heights for optimal intonation and response. We're going to regulate it to original factory specs and have it playing as well or better than the day it left the factory in 1963.


This Mark VI is a real blast to play. It is extremely free blowing and very responsive, with a big sound that stays warm and powerful even at max effort, without ever bottoming out on you. Though just outside the “5 digit” numbers, it has that same kind of color and depth of sound. This is a tremendous horn that won't disappoint!