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Beautiful Keilwerth SX90R Vintage Series Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 120398

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Product ID: 120398SX90RTenor

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SX90R Tenor - Vintage

This is a top-of-the-line pro model Keilwrth SX90R “Vintage Series” tenor sax, serial number 120398. The Vintage series has been one of the popular ever since its introduction, and it's easy to see why. It features a neat antiqued look to it, while retaining the full, powerful voice that Keilwerth horns are known for.


Physically, this tenor is about as straight as they come. There's one tiny chair ding in the bottom bow, and the bell-to-body brace has been resoldered at some point, but I see no other damages or previous repairs to the sax. The original neck does currently have a minor pull-down, but this will be corrected in our shop before shipping.


When it came in, this tenor was playing well on its original factory set up, but was certainly do for a good pro regulation. It is currently in our shop in line for our completely set up, where we'll clean and reseat pads and replace all factory material with new stuff. We'll also optimize key heights and spring tensions, making sure it is perfect for its next owner.


This tenor has looks to kill, and thankfully it has a sound to match. Big, ballsy sound, with outstanding projection that hits hard. It is as full and as powerful as you could hope. These tenors have a reputation for being great rock horns, but paired with the right mouthpiece, it is a solid jazz tenor too. Ships in a good Keilwerth case.