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Beautiful! Jupiter 1100 Silver Plated Low A Baritone Sax, Serial #YF08309

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Product ID: YF08309JBSBari


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Jupiter Low A Baritone
This is a very nice Low A baritone Saxophone by Jupiter, Model 1100 in silver plate, serial number YF08309. These saxophones are an ideal and economical choice for the serious baritone player. This one has been lightly used in the past. It is in tremendous condition and can now be picked up at a low price. The body tube, U and J tube, neck, bell and bow areas are all in tremendous original condition. There is no history of past repair on this baritone. These saxophones feature comfortable modern key work from low A to high F#. They also are manufactured with a very handy floor peg attachment and adjustable palm keys. 
We were blown away with how easy and smooth this baritone plays. It features a crisp response to air flow while producing a very rich sonic character with a medium warm color. Projection and flexibility on this baritone. It should also be noted the key work is quite comfortable on this interment as well. 
The baritone came into our shop, playing very nicely on its factory set-up. Because it is currently playing nicely and also to offer it at a premium price, we will not be doing our shops' full set-up on it. But we will make sure to look at it on the bench and give it a good play test before shipping. Horn ships out with the original box case, mouthpiece and floor peg.