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Beautiful Fox Renard 222 Bassoon Serial # 41116 - With Heckel 1 Bocal

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Product ID: 41116FoxRenardBassoon


HELP, I Want One!

Includes Heckel Bocal
This is an excellent condition Fox Renard Model 222 all maple wood bassoon, serial number 41116. The serial number dates this instrument to 2005. The 222 is a fantastic option for advancing players looking for their first maple bassoon. It has a lining in the wing joint, as well as the small bore of the boot joint to prevent water damage. The keys are silver with nickel silver water tubes. The left hand ring finger has the short reach plateau key. It also has rollers for F- Ab and low Db- Eb, a C# trill guard, and a whisper key lock. This instrument also comes with the high D key
Physically this bassoon is in fine shape. The rest of the body joints show no previous repairs, and no cracks in the bell or bell ring. Overall this bassoon has a clear warm tone, it especially sings in the lower register. From low F down to Bb are free blowing and don’t require extra effort, and it feels comfortable playing passages down low. It also has good response with articulation and evenness throughout the registers. Additionally, both C# and Eb speak clear with good intonation. 
Fox has long been an established name in the bassoon industry, and their craftsmanship is on display in this fine instrument. This is a great option for advancing students and professional players on a budget. It is a dependable model, comes with crutch attachment, a Heckel 1 bocal, and a protec case.