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Bargain Price! Vintage Silver Plate Martin Type Writer Alto Sax, Serial #97838

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Product ID: 97838MartinTypAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Martin Typewriter
This is a rare vintage Martin “Type Writer” alto sax in silver plate, serial number 97838. The Typewriter model was named for its abundance of pearl buttons on all of the key touches.  Even on the table keys, low C, Eb, palm keys, octave key etc. The key arrangement gives the alto the look and feel of an old typewriter. These horns were only made for a few years are on definitely on the rare side.  
This one in particular is in good shape and has probably just been sitting in the case for a very long time. The pictures tell the story the best.  It has some history of light repair but is in good shape overall.   All of the key work is still with the horn as well as the original neck.  The neck shows repair along the octave key.
Right now the sax would need a complete restoration before it would be ready for playing. We are selling it in its current condition in order to pass along some savings. If you are looking for a rare and cool item for the collection or a highly unique project horn the typewriter is a very nice way to go.