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Barely Played! P. Mauriat System 76 Matte Lacquer Soprano Sax - Serial # PM1260919

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Our Price: $ 2,400.00

Product ID: PM1260919Sys76DKSop

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Like-New with 2 Styles of Necks!
Here is a handsome P. Mauriat System 76 soprano sax in the matte "DK" finish, serial number PM1260919. This sax is in brand new condition, no dings, dents, bends, resolders across the entire horn. This model features two necks, one straight, one bent that are interchangeable depending on the player's preference.
This matte lacquer 76 plays with a quick response evenly across all registers. The ergonomic design and placement of the keys makes playing a breeze allowing the player to divert their focus to their sound. Intonation in the palm keys is crucial to a soprano player as there is barely room for error in this register, but you can trust this horn to deliver equal-tempered tuning from low Bb to palm F# with a front F mechanism.
Physically it's in crisp like-new condition without any dents, scratches, or signs of wear. Merely water markings from being play tested. The pads on this horn are in new condition with metal resonators, and the sax is in line to get a pro set-up from one of our repair techs here at Saxquest. A set-up includes a complete regulation and adjustment.
This saxophone ships in its original case with all of the original P. Mauriat factory accessories.