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B and N Lost Wax Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, Ted Klum .108, Serial #011106

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Product ID: 011106BNLostWax108TenJH


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Lost Wax- Faced by Ted Klum .108” / 7**
This is an older B and N Lost Wax piece for tenor saxophone in metal, serial number 011106. It was hand finished and signed by Ted Klum.
The “Lost Wax” pieces were made for a short period of time in the early 2000's. They were produced extremely well but the mold process made them difficult make and not a huge number were manufactured. At this point all the finish is off of this particular piece but it is physically in sound condition. The black bite plate shows some cosmetic wear from past teeth placement but nothing too serious. Its profile is still in nice shape regarding its table, tip and rails.  
The tip opening of this piece measures true at .108”.