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Awesome! Yamaha Custom YAS-82Z Alto Sax in Raw Brass, Serial #010436

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Product ID: 010436YAS82ZULAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Fully Overhauled by Saxquest - Ready To Ship!
This is a first series Yamaha YAS-82Z “Custom Z” alto saxophone in raw brass/un-lacquered finish, serial number 010436. While it is not the prettiest this alto is a killer player and is ideal for the working pro in need of a professional alto. This Custom Z has a quick free blowing response to air flow and keeps a precise centered sound. Control, projection and the general flexibility of this saxophone are exceptional. This is the kind of horn that functions great in virtually any musical situation. The alto is keyed up to high F#.
The body of the saxophone show typical character for a well played sax in raw brass finish. Its key work has a crisp and fluid feel under the fingers. The original G1 neck is in excellent condition as is the bell, bow, bow cap and bell flare. All of the key guards are also in excellent condition. This saxophone previously had some repair performed on the upper body tube around the palm F tone hole. ( see picture 14, 15, 16 ). The work was done very well and the sax is not back to its old self but again. 
This alto was just freshly overhauled in the Saxquest shop and is in perfect playing condition. The overhaul included a complete dissemble, cleaning and precise key fitting. It now features a new set of Valentino pads, brown plastic resonators, new corks, felts and a precise key regulation. It ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Yamaha box case. 
If you are looking for a real burning pro alto and do not need something with a shiny lacquer this Z is prefect and it can be had at an amazing price.