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Awesome! Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax in Raw Brass, Serial #129650

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Free Blowing – Mark VI Tenor Unlacquered Finish
This is a fantastic player! Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 129650. The Mark VI's from this period still have a warm color to the way they but also started to become more centered and focused. This particular tenor has an exceptionally smooth free blowing response to air flow. It has no lacquer finish which helps provide ultra organic and vibrant playing experience. The excellent control and centered sound on this sax allows for an amazing amount of versatility. This is the perfect player for the straight ahead jazz player who performs in a lot of different musical settings. 
The Mark VI was actively played and maintained by the previous owner and is in excellent condition. It was overhauled and stripped in another shop not to terribly long ago. The sax now has a clean raw brass look to it which is nicely complemented by the American floral engraving.  Because the sax does not have any lacquer on the body it is difficult to tell the exact repair history. Looking over the horn closely it does look like the low C key guard has been re-soldered as well as the alt F# guard. The body tube, bow and bell are all in solid condition. Its bow cap and bell flare are both in excellent shape. This saxophone does come with the original neck with matching serial number stamp. The neck is in solid condition as it sits. It has received past repair from a small pull down and the saddle to the octave key also has been repaired in the past. The work was done professionally and the neck is now in perfect working order. 
This tenor is currently in the Saxqeust shop awaiting a professional set-up. It came in playing great on a set of premium leather pads and metal domed resonators. We are going to go through it top to bottom and makes sure it is in perfect condition and optimize the materials and key heights. 
The Mark VI tenor ships out in perfect playing condition with case.