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AWESOME! Used Eastman 52nd Street Un-Lacquered Alto Sax, Serial 11532104

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Product ID: 11532104Eastman52Alt


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Saxquest Set-Up! Exceptional Player
This is a used Eastman 52nd Street alto saxophone, serial number 11532104. The alto was professionally owned and maintained by a local St. Louis pro. It is outstanding original physical condition and has had absolutely no repair to the body. This sax does show off a unique look and coloration of the raw brass like many un-lacquered saxophones. The alto has been very well maintained in our shop and is an exceptional player. It will also be gone over on the bench once more before it ships to enures it arrives in perfect playing condition. 
These saxophones feature an un-lacquered finish with rolled tone holes. The un-lacquered finish gives the sax a fantastic vintage look and sound. Every Eastman saxophone has a sturdy body construction with a hand hammered bell, blue steel springs, hand engraved neck and bell, leather pads and metal resonators.
The 52nd Street is a very impressive free blowing player. Its un-lacquered body allows the horn to respond with a free and open resonance. The warm sonic color is very flexible and can be played with a ton of projection and power.
The double bracing arms on low C, B and Bb keys allow for an improved low end action and response. It features adjustable palm keys to fit the hands of any player. The key work on these horns includes a high F# and a tear drop styled front F key. The front F key is exceptional in its angle and placement which makes for a outstanding play response.