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Awesome! Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Alto in Raw Brass, Serial #43655

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Product ID: 43655SBAAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Fully Overhauled - Amazing Pro Player!
This is a  super sweet 1950 vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action alto sax in raw brass, serial number 43655. This alto features the beautiful floral American style engraving on the bell, extending down onto the bottom bow. It is in excellent physical condition across the body, bell and original neck. The alto was just freshly overhauled in our shop. It now shows off a fresh set of premium Valentino pads with metal domed resonators as well as all new cork and felt materials. 
This particular SBA is an extremely colorful player. In comparison to the slightly later vintage of the SBA and early Mark VI models this one keeps a more concise focus to its core sound. It takes the air in  easy and responds with a rich intensity. The key work has a positive ultra fluid feel under the fingers allowing for easy movement across the entire instrument. 
Physically the body of the alto is in tremendous condition. It recently had all of the lacquer chemically stripped the correct way (no buffing). The original American floral engraving still looks absolutely incredible with no signs of being buffed in the past. Looking over the instrument very carefully I can see two past re-solders, one on the alt F# key guard foot and another on the top guard foot of the guard to the bell keys. The neck on this saxophone is original to this saxophone and it does have the proper original serial number stamp. It looks like a few smaller dings have been taken out of the neck but it is in solid physical condition and has no history of being pulled down in the past. With this being an un-lacquered instrument it will naturally patina and take on its own unique cosmetic character over time. Because it was just recently stripped and has not been used all that much it is currently showing a bit of a brighter color to its bare brass and is very clean. 
This SBA is a superb world class player. It is perfect for the player who wants the powerful characteristics of a vintage Selmer with a more intense dark focused sound. A very fun horn to play that you can take to any gig. Ships in good Selmer hard case.